The primary focus of Water Is The New Gold is to help, industry, communities and municipalities make informed decisions when it comes to matters of water, energy, waste, utilization of resources and the environment.

  • Industry – We bring together the best individual components to provide water and waste-water systems that have a smaller carbon footprint, use less energy, water and chemicals, and operate more safely with the absolute minimum in operator maintenance. We guarantee that if we can’t add 15% efficiency to any existing industrial water, waste-water or chemical treatment program that we will wave our consulting fees.
  • Municipalities – Our specialty is helping water-rich cities attract new industry. By presenting comparative cost-benefit analyses for specific industrial processes, we provide municipalities the tools to compete in the ever-growing critical water-shortage dialog.
    Our web address “water is the new gold” is reflective of how important water has become worldwide. For those communities blessed with ample fresh water, our 30+ years of experience in water technology facilitates the ability to communicate those benefits to the world.
  • Communities – More than ever before neighborhoods and communities face the possibilities of solar farms, fracking operations, wind farms and other so-called renewable resource companies opening plants right in the midst of residential communities.
    Sustainable Resource Technologies stands ready to help communities uncover every truth and concern that purveyors of these technologies would rather stay unknown and hidden. Through seminars, classes and working with communities to put together the proper information, we are the perfect partner in helping your community reject unwanted industrial intruders.

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