Home Water Filter Shortcoming #1 – Activated Carbon

In the near future Glanris, Inc., will be releasing a new brand of home water filters offering technology and engineering never before offered in any home water product. Pretty big claim, yeah? Well stay tuned and be wow’d. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at why your home filter never seems to deliver as it is advertised.

Restaurant Water – Yuck!

A popular question posed to me is; “Why does the water in my restaurant taste horrible?” Indeed, most people, from time-to-time have experienced nasty tasting water in a restaurant. Even the most expensive and exclusive restaurants frequently put out some of the worst tasting water imaginable. Let’s look at the reasons a trip to a restaurant will quite often fill our senses with repulsive water taste and order.

Why does mine stink and hers doesn’t?

I can just hear some of you now. “Tom, are you turning to adult-oriented content?” Of course not, but this seemed like an attention-grabbing headline, so I took poetic license. Actually, this little ditty was motivated by a conversation I overheard at a local bar. Two women next to me were complaining about the chlorine smell in their water. One of the conversants commented that her water always smells of chlorine while…