Jackass Water Culture – Di-hydrogen Oxide

All over social media, there are memes, warnings, disclaimers, and anecdotes trying to shock people into worrying about a “dangerous” household substance called DI HYDROGEN OXIDE (DHO). Of course, these jackasses are referring to H²O, water. What we have here is an exercise by self-absorbed idiots who know nothing about chemistry using conventions that they read somewhere in a chemistry book, and then trying to make fools of people who…

Accepted Beliefs That Threaten Our Water!

Let me say this for the 1.372 millionth time, the biggest threat to water is not the polluter, the industrial user, the landfill or the irresponsible citizen. The biggest threat to our water comes from the conservationist, the environmentalist, the activist, the politician, the university professor, and from every other well-meaning group or individual who has jumped on the,  “I am a water saver hero” bandwagon.

Hard Water Problems – Electronics Industry

Today’s post is a bit of an egghead post and stems from a question I as asked on Quora. I thought it might be interesting for you more technically oriented readers and those wanting to know more about the wonderful world of water. So here we go. Hard water presents two different pathways of problems in the electronics industry.