Drinking Water
Why is the water Pink in Maui?

As if Hawaii has not suffered enough, now the water in a pond in Maui has turned pink. Some are reacting like the citizens in

Drinking Water
Can Drinking Water Be Too Pure?

Man is on a constant journey to find the ultimate drinking water. Pure water, pure water, I tell ya, damn it, we want pure water.

Drinking Water
What Is The Future Of Your Water?

The infrastructure of America’s water systems is aged and failing. Pipes are old, leaking and failing. Treatment plants are struggling more and more to meet

How Does Industry Measure Water Quality?

One of the least understood aspects of water is the measurement of quality. In it’s pure form, water has no contaminants in it. You might

Getting the Lead Out

Lead has been in the news a lot lately. Here in Memphis, activists are taking part in a campaign to remove all lead contamination from

Flint Michigan Tidbits !

I read today that the Governor of Michigan assured the people of Flint that he would “fix this”. It amazes me when people who know

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