EPA Contradicts Anthropogenic Climate Change – Then Hedges

If you don’t yet have me on record, let me again teach, educate and in the case of the university climatologist, bring you back into the real world. Man cannot affect the climate of the Earth. We do not occupy enough space to generate enough pollutants to overcome the natural self-propagating properties of the planet. Yes, if you live in NYC you are drowning in trash and pollution, but if…

Plastic! Green and Good for Earth.

Tom, are you bullshitting me? Surely, you are just saying this for shock value. There is no way plastic is good for the planet! Liberals, environmentalists, activists and other folks with no science background (This includes you satchel ass Ph D. types as well), sit back and let me teach you about the Earth, and what green actually consists of. Let me educate you about the environmental benefits of plastic.